Over the course of running exciting and fun art workshops and doing art shows, Les has achieved some milestones, and brought smiles and great artwork and creativity into the lives of many people.

Below is a small sample of the Testimonials from his artwork and art workshops:

“The eco-art workshop was perfect, and a great way to open minds about some of the Earth’s critical issues.”  – Laryssa B.

“Thank you! I was really inspired. Sometimes I forget that art doesn’t need to be limited to the confines of a gallery, and that artists don’t have to be like Da Vinci, to be worthwhile!”  – Emily T.

“Les is a patient, talented and knowledgeable teacher.  I am amazed how far I have developed and grown under his teaching and guidance… I like that you challenge me but if I get stuck, you step in to instruct and assist. I enjoy the variety of techniques, seeing examples of art and discussing different approaches.”  – Mel K.

“Excellent job. I was very entertained and learned a lot from your presentation/workshop.”  – Chantel E.

“Your presentation was helpful and insightful. You gave some really good advice and ideas. Your artwork is amazing and beautiful; a unique perspective.”      – Shawna C.

“You are very talented. I love your artwork.”     – Janelle R.

“I liked how you took the time to explain the subject matter properly and used specific examples – those helped a lot. Thank you for speaking to our class; we all really appreciate it!”      – Kayla D

“I found the workshop very interesting and lots of fun to stretch my comfort zone.”     – Heather L.