Launch: Earth Charter Graphic Novel

Finally, after two years of production and editing, the Graphic Novel Earth Charter is nearing completion. Here is a new full page spread from Book 1 of the series. The launch date is being finalized and the location for the book launch is being selected. Final details will be released on September 12, 2016.

The Last Bonfire FINAL edited ver-Aug2016



I am excited to be working on my Earth Charter Graphic Novel, which is set to be released on September 1st! I am making progress with it each day, especially with reworking and finalizing the script and drafting the storyboards. For more information about Earth Charter, please CLICK HERE.

As part of my graphic novel course at OCAD University, I started working on a new graphic novel series based on a series of memories, flashbacks and reflections on my own ‘environmental autobiography’. An environmental autobiography is the process of writing a biography from the standpoint of how nature shaped you as a sensory, evolving being; shaped your life; as well as your world view. My graphic novel series is called, “The Last Bonfire”. I hope to release a short teased in August, as a prequel to my Earth Charter graphic novel.

Here is a sample panel below, for your enjoyment:

"The Last Bonfire", copyright 2016 - Les Luxemburger
“The Last Bonfire”, copyright 2016 – Les Luxemburger

RIVERDALE ART WALK, JUNE 4 & 5, 2016 – Jimmie Simpson Park, Toronto

Man in suit at corner-cropped-lrI’m excited to be one of 150+ Artists who will be participating in the Riverdale Art Walk (RAW) from June 4 and 5. I will be selling my new series of urban and nature paintings, with a specific focus on the theme of “Humans and Nature in the City”. My booth # is 159. If you mention promo code LES159, I will give you 10% off any prints, and 10% off any art workshops/classes that I teach.

For more information about the RAW, please visit the website:


Curator Visiting my studio

I am preparing my studio for my first ever visit by an art curator. In early May 2016, an Art Curator from a great Gallery in the GTA will visit my studio to see my new urban paintings.  So excited about this. Still some new paintings to finish, but it’s a learning process and my new work is among my best.

New Art Shows for Summer 2016!

I was accepted into two prominent and really well respected art shows: one happening in June, and the other in August. They are the Buckhorn Fine Arts Festival ( AND the Riverdale Art Walk (




I am excited to announce that I am having a solo art exhibition of my newest acrylic paintings of landscapes, nature and urban paintings. My art show is happening at The Kingston Social, located at 1427 Kingston Rd in Toronto.

The show runs from Jan 12 – Feb 12, 2016; the opening night reception is taking place on Saturday January 23, from 7-10pm; refreshments, snacks and alcoholic drinks will be available.

Here’s a short promo film which gives some info about the exhibition, and shows a few of the paintings that will be included in the show:

Les promo – Kingston Social solo show – Jan 12 – Feb 12, 2016


For more information about my artshow please visit:



Well Earth Charter, my graphic novel continues to evolve and take shape, going through more rounds of editing and more refinements to character concepts and storyboards.

For more info about Earth Charter CLICK HERE




Stiver_Mill_Artists_Day-July5_2015-pic1 Stiver_Mill_Artists_Day-July5_2015-pic2 Stiver_Mill_Artists_Day-July5_2015-pic3

The Stiver Mill Artisan’s Day was a surprisingly good show! I got to meet a lot of great people interested in my artwork, and acquired two potential new commissions, as well as sold a painting.

I will be doing this show again in August 2015.



Newmarket_Artisan's_Festival_2015-pic1 Newmarket_Artisan's_Festival_2015-pic2

The Fairy Lake Artisan’s Festival was relaxing, fun and energizing. It was my fourth year doing this Festival and realize that every time the experience is unique and special.  The weather was sunny and warm and there were a lot of people walking through looking at my art. Many people were interested in purchasing my artwork and took my business card.

This Festival was a great way for me to showcase my new paintings and get feedback from the public; as well as tell people about my art practice, process of making my work, or the art education/instruction work that I do.

For more information about the Fairy Lake Artisan’s Festival please CLICK HERE!


Studio Five Hair is a great place to get a great hair cut in Newmarket and a great space to show artwork! My friend Colin and his crew were really supportive of my work and allowed me to exhibit my paintings for three weeks in May and June. What a great experience!

Studio Five hair - pic1 Studio Five hair - pic2 Studio Five hair - pic3

Savour Downtown Newmarket Food & Art Tour 2015

On Saturday May 30, 2015, a select group of ticket holders in Newmarket had the opportunity to experience and sample amazing food and artwork from select restaurants and venues in downtown Newmarket, as part of the Savour Downtown Newmarket Food & Art Tour. I sold two paintings as a result of the tour, and also got some great exposure! A special thank you to Barbara and her helpers, in organizing such an incredible, fun and enjoyable event, as well as to Joseph and his wife Janice at Fresh Tea Shop, a truly authentic and innovative tea shop with a friendly and down to earth environment, helpful staff, and really, really high quality teas!

For more info about the Savour Downtown 2015, CLICK HERE!

June 18, 2015: Artist Log

PULP-my project-pic3

The Illusion of Choice – the daily     process of being an Artist

Ever wonder whether you’re living your full potential – doing what you are truly meant to be doing, and accomplishing the full extent of what you’re capable of, as a spiritual, creative, kinesthetic human being?  This question, and its corresponding feelings of inadequecy, emptiness, confusion or sometimes frustration, used to bother me a lot! Likely it’s what’s on the minds of most people these days, as they wrestle with the limitations and imperfections of making money and ‘surviving’ in a consumerist consumptive culture.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! I used to get ‘stuck’ in creative processes when I spent more time worrying about making money and not being good enough or ‘enough’, than creating artwork. After reading some great books, talking with fellow artists, designers and creative folk, I quickly found that this was a common phenomena for ALL artists, regardless of discipline/medium, or level of experience.  Through the pain and sorrow, I had come to the conclusion that: a) these blocks and feelings of despair come to ALL Artists; b) they are a natural part of the creative process and the growing pains of evolving as an Artist; c) that the process of creating the work, actually putting in the time each and every day solves these feelings and negative thoughts; and d) the negative self-talk, doubts and stress doesn’t stop right away, but through hard work, consistent effort, it becomes transformed, from a destructive force that causes ones creative soul and spirit to languish and atrophy, into a creative driving force that enables the Artist to evolve and transform themselves and thus their work. All artwork is a deep spiritual journey and celebration of one’s connection with the self, world, Nature and others. Art is process-driven and deeply visceral and kinesthetic, meaning that everything you do and express, explore, feel and your range of experiences, will inform and guide your work.  The more you commit to the artwork, the more you move from the periphery of it, into the deeply meaningful sphere of being in ‘the zone’ – that creative peak experience that Abraham Maslow talks so vividly about in his hierarchy of needs.

Anyway, so aside from the obvious fact that all Artists are artists because they make work for the pleasure of doing it and not for the money, the process of making artwork is not always a pleasurable process; in fact it can be a stressful, chaotic, didactic tearing of one’s reality, a destroying of one’s preconceptions and a shaking or disruption of one’s sense of self. Especially if an Artist evolves through the process of making the work. But for all the pains, challenges, sweat, tears and blood, there is still the joy, insight and illumination, the freedom, healing, release, and a million other emotions and experiences that come from making your Artwork.

So in the words of Neil Gaimen, “whatever happens in your life, make good Art!”

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