Artwork is a deeply spiritual process that unfolds organically

As artists, we contain within us tremendous potential and ability to make our mark in the world; to use our skill and God-given talent to explore important issues relevant to us, and negotiate a space for ourselves in this world in which we live and contribute.  As artists, we also have the power and passion within us to access and draw upon this universal, divine life force called “creativity” to make the world a better place.  But may question the ability of art to transform, to engage, to inform, compel, provoke, challenge, redefine and shape both discourse, theory, reality and space and time.  But as artists, that is just what we are all called to do – to be catalysts, instruments of this creative divine life force which beats within us, fuses us and connects us to each other, in an intricate web of life and creation.  “Life is energy, pure creative energy”, and “creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God”, suddenly become more vivid and transparent, understandable, and realistic.  Concepts and ideas start as the seed of creativity, as the conglomeration of this unifying creative force, coming together and working its divine magic within its co-creator – YOU.

As co-creators of our destinies, artists are particularly vulnerable, aware of the multiple sensory stimuli, of senses and feelings, patterns, and seemingly regular, every day concepts, people, places, events, symbols, suddenly take on new meaning through our interaction with them.  The very process of living, interacting, having courage to explore how far the rabbit hole goes, is by itself a deeply creative and spiritual process.  For “art is not limited to the visual”, but incorporates the full range of sensory experiences, and “living life” that fate and decisions bring to us.   Many artists are “compelled”, attracted, or intuitively moved to do, act, think, say, be a particular way – the way of the warrior…having the courage to withstand criticism, especially from internal sources and falsities, and to explore hidden avenues, shadows, honestly tread where man dears to tread, for fear of losing his sanity, which is in itself only an illusion, for it is in this intimate and divine connection with our creator and our inner selves that truth, love, joy, bliss and salvation are found and harvested, used and made manifest.  Often released into the world with an orgiastic swing of the paint brush, an ah-ha moment that resounds through one’s being, and vibrates through one’s every cell.  This process that leaves one screaming for joy in the bliss and ecstacy of being a co-creator in ones destiny.

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