Artwork free of life’s follies

Art is work but of a different kind than 99% of the world is used to.  From an early age we are conditioned and raised to believe that Art is just playful interaction with the senses, nothing to take too seriously, just something that children and childish-adults do.  Well, that’s a load of CRAP!   Since I was a child, and even today, people are trying to convince me to abandon my artistic pursuits in favour of a full-time job.  My father even wants me to get a ‘desk job’ because he really thinks that’s what I went to school for.  Anyway, there comes a point where you have to: whole-heartedly recognize and accept that you are a creative being, and that whatever form or career you choose, you have a choice to meet the minimum standards (just to get by) or to thrive, push the boundaries and tap into your inner creativity and ideas to do what you want to do very well.  It is not enough to just survive, to just get by!  Yet, when I ask my father how he’s doing, his answer is “Surviving”.  That’s a load of SHIT, and a false reality to live in.  Maybe he was conditioned, like so many of his generation, to focus on “what matters the most”, which was usually dictated by their parents and social norms, and usually rhymed with “$”.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s move on to the topic of today’s discussion/blog:  “Artwork that is original and free of life’s follies”. What I mean by this is artwork that is “Soul Art” or art that lives, breathes and grows in your soul and your heart, and expresses itself through joy and bliss, through creative urges and pleasurely pursuits.  This inner divine force of divine magic must express itself, for if it’s denied, your ego will rule your life and express itself in destructive and irresponsible ways.              There are some ways to tap into your inner creative divine soul, which is inherently beautiful and knows what it is you need in any given point because it’s essence comes from God and is connected to God.  Here are some ways to ‘listen’ to your inner divine soul and allow your creative spirit to unfold and manifest itself creatively:       i)  Sit on a pillow on the floor or sit in a chair in a comfortable position.  Sit still and scan your body – how do you feel in the present moment? Anything on your mind or any aches or pains in your body? Any distractions? Remove the distractions as best you can.  Then sitting still, close your eyes, breath deeply…IN for eight seconds… hold for five seconds… now OUT for eight seconds. As you do this more and more, you will feel a deeper connection with yourself; really allow this process to unfold naturally – give yourself permission to just ‘be’ (to be still, to be relaxed, to have peace, to feel joy and love and connection with God and yourself). Allow all the thoughts, worries, and verbiage that is spilling itself out of your rational brain, onto your consciousness, to simply wash away and fall off of your mind’s awareness.  Sit still and allow the words to pass.     Continue this until you feel completely relaxed and at one with yourself.  Now focus on positive things – things that make you happy.  Pay special attention to those images that feel strong or contain a ‘special’ meaning or vibration for you.  Take a walk through your inner garden of wonderful and awesome images, words, feelings, desires and dreams and ideas – all of them positive…all of them coming from within your SOUL.  Keep doing this until you’ve explored several key concepts, ideas, dreams, positive affirmations.  Then slowly count in your soul from 1 to 10. Tell yourself that when you reach 10, you will open your eyes, and you will feel completely connected, stronger, whole, happy, healthy and holy.

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