Art Projects

A big part of being a visual artist for me is the process of involving and collaborating with people and other artists, Art organizations, businesses and Galleries. 2015 has been a very busy year for working on Art projects.

Below are some of the art projects that I have completed, or are in the process of being completed:

Earth Charter Graphic Novel

Earth Charter new1

Earth Charter is a graphic novel that explores of the natural environment, sustainability, habitat loss and conservation. It’s been over 10 years in the making, and Book 1 of the 10 part series, is set to be released in Fall 2015! For more info about the project please visit the Earth charter graphic novel website.


Who’s going to Pay the Rent? 

This Artist Collective is a community arts project consisting of artists who are struggling to make a living through their arts practice. Artists from throughout York Region, Ontario are invited to submit artwork, attend networking sessions and meetings to share successes, failures/learning moments, opportunities, and grow together as a collective.

“Who’s Going to Pay the Rent?” really emerged as an artist project in response to my financial challenges and in particular my struggle to pay my mortgage on time. So Artists are asked to respond to the theme and discourse of what wealth/financial stability means to them; and express and explore their own financial challenges in a creative, innovative and meaningful way. All artwork produced by the participating artists in the Artist Collective are being shown in an May 2016 art exhibition.

The website for the project is HERE: Who’s Going to Pay the Rent?

Eco-art Animation projects

Climate Change animation video - pic - May 2014 Royal Conserv AE foundations

Animation is a powerful artistic medium for communicating important environmental and social messages in an innovative and engaging way. In this project, I visit galleries, education centres/schools and organizations and help both staff and students (*for schools) to explore an important environmental issue or message and create a storyboard, script, character sheets and layout for a short animated film. Then we produce the film and afterward I provide the organization or client with a finished film. All films are produced using a digital camera, a MAC book and computer animation and film software.



As part of my regular art practice as a freelance artist, I also make Murals: both wall and ceiling murals of landscapes, portraits and buildings. Below are a sample of the murals I have created in people’s homes and businesses:

Don Mills Middle School Mosaic Mural project – April – June 2015

Don Mills - final project - pic5Don Mills - final project - pic12Don Mills - final project - pic2

The STEPS Initiative, an award winning public arts organization that builds the capacity of citizens to take action in creating more vibrant and connected communities, hired me as an art consultant to lead the Emerging ARTivist Program project for the Don Mills Middle School in Toronto.  My role was to facilitate the workshops and lead the children/youth (Gr. 6-8 students) in the creation of a four by eight feet upcycled, mixed-media Mural (mosaic) for their class. I worked with three classes simultaneously for eight weeks, and as the weeks went by, I was able to see their projects evolve and take shape.

The end result were three (one for each class) large painted, mixed-media upcycled murals. The Murals will likely be installed in the School’s community garden space in the north facing courtyard.

For more information on the Emerging Artivist Program, and some of the programs offered, please visit:

Tuscany Mural of home in Caledon, ON

Tuscany_mural-1 Tuscany_mural-2 Tuscany_mural-3 Tuscany_mural-4 Tuscany_mural-close up

One of my favourite Mural projects that I have done was painting a landscape scene of Tuscany, Italy, for a family in Caledon. The project took me two days to paint, and consisted of some preliminary drawings and design work, and consultations with the client. In the end, the Family was very happy with the Mural, and I had completely transformed a dull and unwelcoming wall space into a colourful impressionist-realist painting of Tuscany in their washroom!

Can you imagine a mural in your own home? Commissions are welcome!

Ceiling Mural for Toronto Business

Angel ceiling mural - 2014 - pic2 Angel ceiling mural - 2014 - pic1This mural was challenging, not only because of the intricate and detailed subject matter (realistic looking Angels), but because it involved drawing a detailed mural on a ceiling that had ridges and grooves and texture on the surface. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried drawing on top of gravel or stones, well it was a similar thing with this surface. After spending several days of the summer 2014 working on this, I finally got it done!

Mural for Health Centre, Richmond Hill

This mural was for a patient’s room in a health centre (home) in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The wall-sized mural was created free hand, without the use of a projector, in order to capture the authentic feel of the landscape and subject matter.