Art Portfolio Development Boot Camp – FALL & WINTER 2013

Are you looking for professional and affordable Art Instruction? Do you want to get into Art school, but need to put together an amazing portfolio? ART on the Go is committed to preparing you to get into the Game Design, Animation, Illustration or Fine Arts program of your choice!


This five-day intensive program is designed to help anyone with an interest in getting into art school, to create a portfolio that truly KICKS ASS! A portfolio that other artists would be envious of and that can get anyone into the following programs: Gaming Design, Animation, Illustration or Fine Art.

The Portfolio Development classes include:

  • Basic, intermediate, advanced life drawing and still life drawing
  • Portraiture – learn how to accurately and creatively draw and paint people’s faces with ease
  • Draw and paint animals
  • Draw and paint landscapes
  • 1, 2 and 3-point perspective (including drawings of multiple angles and perspectives of rooms)
  • Human anatomy and physiology for artists
  • 2-D Animation, claymation, toymation and stop-motion
  • Layout, design and portfolio best practices
  • Tonal and value studies (light and dark studies/application of gray scale)
  • Gesture, mass, weight drawing, contour, blind contour, and drawing basics


  • Daily instruction by professional certified artist(s)
  • Animation: produce 2D animation, storyboard, character sheets, backgrounds, and film clips
  • Live models and props for life drawing and portraiture
  • Plein Air painting
  • Fun and innovative field trips to local attractions and art galleries for portfolio development and drawing and painting exercises
  • Individual one-on-on advice and portfolio development and review
  • Complete report and assessment of areas of strength, areas for improvement and a strategy to achieve excellence in those areas
  • Materials and supplies, including student’s very own professional portfolio case for storing and carrying their work.

Already have a portfolio?

No problem!  Get your portfolio assessed professionally, complete with specific recommendations, advice, resources and an action plan specifically tailored to get YOU into your Art school of choice.

Drop in and one day classes are available as well.  The cost of this assessment is $150, which covers  3 hours of portfolio review and a final assessment report, complete with recommendations on how to improve and what areas need improvement.

COST of week-long course: $400 (includes cost of materials and supplies, and light snacks/refreshments).

For more information about this course and other courses/workshops please contact Les Luxemburger at: 289-340-0128, or via email at: luxeartstudio[at]gmail[dot]com.